We, the members of Millard West Show Choirs, strive to work proficiently in the development of singing, dancing and performing skills primarily using music in the pop genre.  Existing to fuel the passion of performance, we work in an assertive and safe environment that thrives on collaborative effort and caring relationships between members to craft a successful show.  We strive to be always the best versions of ourselves, on and off the stage, making certain that we reach our highest potential.  Our most valued goal is to inspire ourselves and our audience, maintaining a proud, yet humble, attitude towards that which we create.


Millard West High School Show Choirs are competitive show choirs made up of more than 200 talented singers/dancers, instrumentalists, and stage crew.  West In The Groove, Uptown Girls and Swing Cats are auditioned groups who perform regionally and nationally at various show choir competitions and community functions.  Each of the individual show choirs have attained various accolades and awards.  These elite performers push themselves to be the best in all they as students and dedicated performs.  Considering the recent struggles, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that face our nation and the rest of the world, Millard West Show Choirs have continued to strive for perfection and show that world that Music Lives!

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