Uptown is the treble show choir at Millard West, in Omaha, NE. This group consists of 49 talented and committed performers ranging from Sophomores and Seniors. Built on a rich tradition of empowerment and excellence, Uptown seeks to be their best both onstage and off. The 22/23 show seeks to take you on a journey from “revenge to rebirth”; after a loss of trust, our natural response can be anger. This negativity has the power to spiral out of control unless we choose to look beyond it, to seek our own rebirth. We can rise above and level up! Uptown is honored to be sharing the stage with the 35-member show band, Fine Musicians, and their crew of 8 roadies. Choreographed by Anne Chapman, arranged by Drew Firkins, and directed by Jordan Newhouse, please welcome to the stage, UPTOWN!!


Song List/Soloists:


“If” (You Hadn’t But You Did)

Strange Medley Soloist: Elise Aguirre

“Small World”

Trio: Elise Aguirre, Ava Harrison, Sophia Bartlett

“Level Up” Soloists: Sophia Bartlett, Ava Harrison

Photos courtesy of Phil Wonder Photography

Rehearsal Schedule:

         Mondays:  7:30pm – 9:30pm

          Thursdays:  3:30pm – 5:30pm

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