Our Roadies are an essential force in bringing our on-stage performances to life. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into every on-stage performance,  not only before the performance, but even during every performance!

Roadies are the team that gets that work done.

Although Roadies do take care of behind-the-scenes duties, they are still required to go through the Singer/Dancer audition. Roadies will be chosen from those that have declared interest in being a Roadie on their Audition Registration AND that have gone through the Audition process.

All In A Day's Work

Our Roadies do a wide variety of jobs to keep our shows going full steam ahead. Below are just a few of the many things that Roadies might find themselves doing during practice or on competition day. 

  • Set up and adjust microphones

  • Set and move show pieces and props

  • Assist with costume changes

  • Move and set up musical equipment

  • Arrange risers

  • Lay out costumes

  • Find a shoe


Current and Former Roadies…

Do you have an interesting task that you’ve done in your day’s work as a Millard West Show Choir Roadie?

If so…

Contact us with your contribution and we’ll add it to the list!